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Conferences, workshops, meetings and events will be held at the Acoustic Guitar Village inside Cremona Musica International Exhibitions, Cremona Fair on September 28-29th, 30th, 2018.



Friday 28th – Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th in the Masterclass rooms:

Masterclass of Lutherie and Didactic Masterclass of Acoustic Guitar

The lutherie the classes will be held by american masters BRYAN GALLOUP and CHARLES FOX. The masterclass will focus on the construction of the instrument, from the selection of the materials to the final polish, on structural restoration and vintage guitars, on lutherie tooling for the small shop .






The didactic masterclass of acustic guitar will be taught by MICKI PIPERNO, english CLIVE CARROLL and american JOHN JORGENSON. The masterclass will deal with basic techniques for fingerstyle guitar, arrangements for solo guitar and elements of gypsy jazz.






info and registrations to the masterclasses:  –  tel. +39 0187 626993

Click here for program and registration 



– “The guitar with f-shaped sound holes, an exhibition on the Arch-Top Guitar” curated by M° Luthier Leonardo Petrucci







– “The Guitar in Italy between ‘800 and ‘900” exhibition of instruments made by luthiers Gennaro Fabricatore, Giovan Battista Fabricatore, Carlo Guadagnini, Gaetano Guadagnini, Francesco Guadagnini, Giuseppe Marconcini, Pasquale Vinaccia, Giacomo Rivolta, Giorgio Gatti, Lorenzo Bellafontana, Giuseppe Lecchi, Pietro Gallinotti, Luigi Mozzani, Nicola De Bonis, Vincenzo De Bonis, Orlando Raponi, Leone Sanavia, Rodolfo Paralupia
curated by M° Francesco Taranto













“The historical Spanish guitar influence in the contemporary lutherie, the Hauser tradition”
curated by Marco Ramelli, Gabriele Lodi, Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation, Festival Corde d’Autunno, Acoustic Guitar Village, Cremona Musica
Thanks to the Hauser Guitar Foundation and in collaboration with Ing. Massimo Raccosta during the three days of the exhibition it will be possible to admire some of the most representative instruments by Hauser, a family of guitar makers who for more than a century has dedicated themself to developing instruments with incredible build quality and sound, in a rare balance between tradition and innovation. The last day of the fair will be devoted to the exploration of the sound and constructive world of Hauser and its evolution over time with a conference that will see the participation of Hermann and Kathrin Hauser with performances by the guitarist Aliosha De Santis who in recent years has developed a profound knowledge of these tools.
Important events will also be dedicated, on the 50th anniversary of his death, to the composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, who as Hermann Hauser was linked to the figure of Andrés Segovia.
On Friday Andrea Dieci will hold a masterclass focused on the music of the Florentine composer with students from various Italian and foreign conservatories. In the afternoon, the Milanese guitarist will present his recent recording project dedicated to Toru Takemitsu recorded with an instrument by Hermann Hauser I.
The highlight of the event will be the concert ‘Omaggio a Castelnuovo-Tedesco’ by the Japanese virtuoso Kazuhito Yamashita at the auditorium “Le Stanze per la Musica” Civic Museum “Ala Ponzone”, a true star of the classical guitar, who will present two of the masterpieces in concert from Castelnuovo-Tedesco the quintet op.143 and a selection of Caprichos de Goya op.195.
Before the concert it will be possible to see and listen to some instruments from the Carlo Alberto Carutti collection at the Museo Civico, curated by Accademia di chitarra “A piú corde”

By Massimo Raccosta Collection and H.Hauser Guitar Foundation.
The exhibition of original historical guitars displays instruments made by Hermann Hauser I in two different periods: the guitars of the first period, before the Spanish influence, and the guitars of the later period, after the meeting with Miguel Llobet and Andres Segovia.
The guitars of the first period were strongly inspired by the most famous XIX century model of important makers like Stauffer and Guadagnini, whereas the guitars of the latter period were influenced by the deep observation of Llobet’s Torres (FE09 Sevilla1859), the possibility to own and to study for many years another Torres guitar bought from Llobet as well ( FE13 Sevilla 1890), the and Segovia’s Manuel Ramirez/Santos Hernandez guitar ( Madrid 1912).
After the discovery of this new approach to the making of instruments, his project concept moved progressively towards the new Spanish guitar model.
Hauser began to make instruments in an era of dramatic and fast changes for the guitar: famous guitar players started to be included in the program of great theatres and as a soloist with orchestra and they required a new instrument, louder and with moreacoustical and cosmetic details.
We can infer that Hauser’s guitar project focused on saving the original Spanish concept and, at the same time, on bringing it into the modern era with the help of Segovia’s suggestion.
This concept is perfectly summarised by this quote from Segovia about Hauser guitars: “the perfect instrument that saves the Spanish sound”.
The Spanish guitar models made by Hauser were two :
Inspired by Torres of Llobet
Inspired by Manuel /Santos of Segovia
It’s crucial to notice that the most renowned guitar performers after Segovia used Hauser guitars from Julian Bream, till today.
We will expo an incredible selection of original guitars to celebrate the Hauser tradition.
Guitar list from the Raccosta Collection
Guitars from the first period (pre Spanish influence):
1908 Münich Model (short scale)
1914 Vienna Model
Guitars from makers which influenced Hauser pushing him towards the Spanish sound:

1860 FE13 Antonio de Torres (ex Llobet, ex Hermann Hauser)
1912 Manuel Ramirez (ex WulfinLieske)
Guitars from the second period (post Spanish influence):

1938 Hermann Hauser (ex Andrés Segovia).







1st Meeting “The Guitar in Italy between ‘800 and ‘900” the Italian instrument in the European development contest, ideated and coordinated by Lorenzo Frignani and Francesco Taranto
Speakers: Angelo Gilardino, Lorenzo Frignani, Mario Grimaldi, Giovanni Intellisano, Francesco Taranto
with interventions by Giacomo Parimbelli, Roberto Vallini, Mimmo Peruffo, Amenio Raponi, Filippo Michelangeli, Rosalba De Bonis, Senio Diaz, Simona Boni







Saturday September 29th


from 10am to 7pm


concerts, showcases, meetings, workshops by bluegrass musicians

coordinated by Danilo Cartia, with the partecipation of guitar and mandolin player John Jorgenson






The musicians coming from the farthest away will win a new Deering 6 nylon strings Banjo and a Martin Ukulele!!!

Thank you very much to the Deering Banjo Company and to the Martin Guitars!








Sunday September 30th


from 10am to 6pm

“STRINGS AND VOICES D’AUTORE” performances by songwriters and guitarists, solo and in ensembles

in memory of Stefano Rosso, 10 years after his passing

coordinated by Andrea Tarquini e Francesco Lucarelli








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