The Acoustic Guitar Village 2020 within Cremona Musica, 25th-27th September, is confirmed!

The Acoustic Guitar Village 2020 within Cremona Musica, 25th-27th September, is confirmed!

Dear friends,
we can finally give you the news: Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival will be held on the official dates, September 25th-26th-27th! Among the various halls the Acustic Guitar Village will once again represent one of the main attractions, both for the exhibition area and for the countless live events and deepening opportunities.
A great news for the whole sector of market operators, as well as for the fans of classical and modern guitar and other plectrum and pinch instruments. We are all eager for the economic recovery, and we look forward to listen to live music and try the beautiful instruments that will be displayed.











All scheduled events are confirmed, with some small changes that we report and we will communicate in detail:

Masterclass of liutherie for guitar and mandolin, with master luthiers Lorenzo Lippi and Enrico Bottelli. Master John Monteleone, unable to physically attend due to travel restrictions from the United States, will be in remote connection from his laboratory and will still offer his lesson and expertise.

Masterclass of techniques for acoustic guitar with the master Francesco Buzzurro. The American teacher Ed Gerhard, also stopped by travel restrictions, will be in remote connection and will get his experience and his teachings to the students of the course. Beppe Gambetta, a recognized international master who will offer his expertise in the practice of flat-picking and in his new role of writing songs with arrangements of high technical level, has been included in the program.
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Acoustic Guitar Village exhibition area, dedicated to manufacturers and importers and special “Vicolo dei Liutai“. This last one is an area fully dedicated to master luthiers, who will display excellent instruments including acoustic, classic and modern guitars, and other plectrum and plucked instruments.

– Special event “Mandolini in Mostra”, with the artistic direction of the master Carlo Aonzo and the cultural collaboration of the master luthiers Lorenzo Frignani, Leonardo Petrucci and other experts. There will be a historical exhibition of beautiful ancient and modern instruments, workshops on performance techniques, deepening conferences, live review of plucked ensembles on Open Stage 1.

– Special event “The Guitar in Italy between the nineteenth and twentieth century”, with the artistic direction of the master Francesco Taranto and interventions by other experts. There will be masterclasses on the repertoire and techniques of the guitar in the 19th century, public rehearsal of originals and copies of guitars used in the 19th century. There will also be performances by the participants of the masterclass and deepening conferences on the concerned subjects.
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– Area dedicated to the exhibition of vintage guitars, both acoustic and electric, by the Vintage Authority Association, with whom we have a long-standing collaboration.

– “Music is our life“, exhibition of ethnic instruments from all over the world. On display there will be ethnic necked string instruments, both plucked and bowed, from the collection of Manster Bruno Brunetti.

“New Sounds of Acoustic Music”, competition in memory of Ferdinando Canale, addressed to solo guitarists and an acoustic bands. It will honor the year of Ferdinando Canale’s death, engineer and founder of SR Technology and Acus-sound Engineering (Friday 25th September on Live Stage 2)

8th Italian Bluegrass Meeting, performance and jam session of bands and musicians passionate about bluegrass music, with the precious coordination of the musician Danilo Cartia. (Saturday 26th September on Live Stage 2)
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“Corde & Voci d’Autore” in memory of Stefano Rosso. Competition and performance of guitarists, both emerging and established, with the impeccable coordination of the singer-songwriter Andrea Tarquini. (Sunday 27th September on Live Stage 2)

Demos, exhibitions and workshops by companies and luthiers on Demo Stage 3 and Classic Stage 4.

Conferences, presentation, meetings in the specially equipped Events Area.

Other events are taking shape to further strengthen the already rich program. Everything will always be published on the websites and

It will be a beautiful three day experience in the company of our beloved acoustic string instruments. We will meet again to have fun, helping to jump-start the economy in the field of musical instruments: we all feel the need and desire!

Here is the official communication from the Cremona Musica Management, Fiera di Cremona:

The most important trade fair in the world for the high quality musical instrument sector confirms its opening.

From September 2020, 25th to 27th Cremona Musica returns. It’s the reference fair for the music sector, the place par excellence for creating new projects, presenting products, innovative ideas and help music and musicians grow.

Despite the particularly difficult period, due to the global health situation, Cremona Fiere confirms the opening of the event, a reference point for the musical world with particular attention to high-end instruments. It is precisely in difficult times that the sectors most affected must be supported, and the reference fair, which also takes place in the capital of Music, must make itself available to give a strong signal to the musical world that has suffered in particular and is paying dearly for the lock of the last months.

There is a great need to relaunch, to move the market, to make operators interact in all possible ways, physically and digitally. Therefore Cremona Musica is gearing up for a fair that will also use new means of communication, such as the study of a platform where operators will be able to take advantage of match making and visibility services. That will be made through dedicated rooms, in addition to the classic methods of catalogs and digital content. So that’s another novelty: the fair becomes a year-round event in which, in addition to communication and visibility already provided by the event, will also become an ongoing business.
Therefore Cremona Musica wants to give a significant boost and a strong contribution to the sector, creating a special edition of the historic Fair which has always been a fundamental moment of the year for the entire sector.
Of course, the event will take place in complete safety, in full compliance with health rules and protocols, protecting the health of exhibitors, visitors and staff of the organization – without sacrificing experience and business.

The new edition is taking shape with the usual formula: “business”, with the display of the most precious musical instruments and “festivals”, with performances, concerts and masterclasses that will follow one another with the precautions to which we are all getting used. The 5 specialized halls are therefore confirmed: Cremona Mondomusica dedicated to bowed instruments and accessories for violin making which also includes Edizioni Musicali, the sector that offers books, scores and sheet music from the best international publishers. Piano Experience, the annual appointment for the community of the piano world, the Acoustic Guitar Village for operators and fans of classical and acoustic guitar and other plectrum and plucked instruments, Cremona Winds, where wind instruments have found a precious fair reference point and from 2018, the Accordion Show with the best handcrafted accordions in the world.

Cremona Musica is the world’s leading trade fair for high-end musical instruments, and is held every year in Cremona, the birthplace of Stradivari and the international musical instrument pole. In addition to the instruments created by the local, Italian and international masters, Cremona Musica hosts a rich and varied calendar of events – concerts, exhibitions, master classes, competitions and conferences, with world-class artists. In the 2019 edition Cremona Musica welcomed over 18,000 visitors, 309 exhibitors (more than half of which from abroad) and 178 events. By combining the business and the artistic side of music, Cremona Musica becomes an indispensable event, a meeting point where new ideas, projects and collaborations are born, and where music lives and is renewed.

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